Welcome to Midisaurus English - Introduction and Overview

Welcome to Midisaurus English

Midisaurus English is an English program for children of 4 to 6 years old. The program comprises a series of progressive readers, activity books and multimedia resources. Children acquire English skills through shared reading, fun activities, role playing, music and movement, rhymes and songs.

Key Features
Books and Readers
Activity Books and Readers
The program includes a series of readers that introduces themes and language elements. Learning is further enhnaced through fun exercises and activities in the activity books.
Multimedia Lessons, Activities and Songs
The integrated multimedia resource library is a treasure trove of songs, interactive activities and creative games that enhance language acquisition.
Lesson Guides
Easy-to-follow Lesson Guides
The lesson plans provide a detailed step-by-step guide for teachers. Each lesson is divided into Part 1: Reading and Part 2: Alphabet/Phonics, in line with the whole-part-whole approach in language learning.
LCM Exams
Assessment and Certification
Children will be able to acquire Early Learning and Speech certifications from London College of Music Examinations, an international examinations board offering music, drama and communication programs and certifications.


Midisaurus English adopts a holistic approach to language learning. The program is designed based on a "whole-part-whole" approach.

Children will be exposed to listening and reading of text for meaning first (whole), followed by learning language features such as vocabulary and grammar (part), and finally using their new knowledge to read, speak and write (whole).

Whole-Part-Whole Approach

Upon completion of the 3-year program, children would have learnt at least:

- 130 High Frequency Words
- 415 vocabulary words across 22 common themes (includes nouns, verbs and adjectives)
- 100 repetitive sentence structures
- 44 phonics sounds and over 60 ways to spell these sounds
- 150 new words from Phonics exercises


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