MiDisaurus Music (School Teacher)

MiDisaurus Music
School Teacher Edition (Annual Subscription)

UCC # 836210001410

Includes Teacher version for one (1) computer and Student version for five (5) computers at a single location.
A maximum of 30 classes can be designated with a limit of 80 students per class.
Additional license can be purchased for add-on stations.

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Notes & Rests
Note Names On The Treble Staff
High, Middle and Low Sounds
The Great Composers
Let's Practice Clapping Rhythms
Orchestral Instruments
World Instruments

Product Information
MiDisaurus Music School Teacher is an annual subscription to the MiDisaurus curriculum. It is designed to support the teaching and learning of music in elementary levels. MiDisaurus Music develops real music skills, the understanding of music in relation to history and culture and fosters the ability to be musically creative. An edutainment approach holds the child's interest with colorful animation, fun-filled games, songs and activities. Expanded content includes solfege training, a large selection of keyboard pieces with adjustable metronome and guided composition (including a junior notation suite). Teacher tools include enhanced record-keeping and the ability to assign specific content to the class over the internet.

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System Requirements
> Windows XP or MAC OS X
> Hard disk with 4 GB of free space available
> DVD-ROM drive
> Internet connection (required for activation)


This subscription product renews directly through Town4kids.

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