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Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System is a modern curriculum using the Blended Learning Approach. Students engage in an integrated learning environment that includes interactive multimedia learning and app-based activities, combined with traditional teaching and worksheet exercises.


Blended Learning | Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System

Multimedia Software for School


The curriculum is fully supported by an interactive multimedia courseware that contains hundreds of songs, interactive lessons and activities spanning across various topics and subjects. The courseware can be installed in a multimedia lab, or in a classroom with interactive whiteboard or interactive projector. The activities are designed to motivate children to learn through fun and games.


Multimedia Software for School | Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System

Student Kit


The student kit for each level comprises bilingual readers; activity books for English, Chinese, Alphabet, and Math; bilingual coloring book; and flashcards in English and Chinese. These high-quality print materials are supported by interactive content used in the classroom, and reinforced in the home learning app.


Student Kit | Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System

Home Learning App

课后学习客户端 App

With the Bilingual Kindergarten home-learning app, learning is extended from the classroom to self-learning at home. Children can listen and read along with the readers; sing the theme songs; play word activities; and improve their reading skills with the built-in speech recognition function.


Home Learning App | Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System

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