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Make Your School a Happy School!

Our happy students ...

"We really enjoy the interactive activities and fun projects. Learning is so much fun!"

Using a state-of-the-art curriculum based on a 'learning through play' approach, with hands-on projects and interactive activities, students are motivated to learn and love learning.

Happy Students | Town4kids Kindergarten System

Our happy parents ...

"My child looks forward to going to school. And she is making excellent progress in her learning!"

Using a secured app, parents are alerted when their children check in to school each day. They can also track their child’s learning progress through the child’s e-portfolio, as well as journal and photos posted by the school.

Happy Parents | Town4kids Kindergarten System

Our happy teachers ...

"With flexible and high quality learning materials to work with, I can devote more time to teaching and helping my students!"

Using ready-to-use lesson plans and digital supporting resources, teachers can devote their energy to helping students optimize their potential.

Happy Teachers | Town4kids Kindergarten System

Our happy supervisors ...

"As a supervisor, not only do I see an increase in enrolment, I can now manage the center more effectively!"

Using an integrated cloud-based administration system, supervisors can now manage student enrolment, communication with parents, and center administration anywhere and anytime.

Happy Supervisors | Town4kids Kindergarten System

Our happy operators ...

"Ever since our school subscribed to the Town4kids Kindergarten System, I see an increase in fees collection and manpower cost saving!"

Owners and operators will continue to own, operate and expand their business under their own brands. As a Town4kids subscriber, your business enjoys an extra boost through the many tools and resources that greatly enhance operating efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Happy Operators | Town4kids Kindergarten System

No Costly Franchises Required!

Own and build your own brand

● Town4kids Kindergarten System is not a franchise
● Subscriber schools operate under their own brand
● No tie-in if school decides to terminate subscription
● Enable owners/operators to focus on growing the business

Own Your Brand | Town4kids Kindergarten System

Modern and state-of-the-art curriculum

● Curriculum with STEAM emphasis
● Modern blended learning approach
● Classroom interactive courseware + student home learning app
● Downloadable lesson plans + worksheets

Modern Curriculum | Town4kids Kindergarten System

Integrated school administration system

● Manage student enrolment
● Manage daily check in and check out of students
● Manage student / class assignments
● Manage fee collection with ability to send notification alerts to parents

Integrated Administration | Town4kids Kindergarten System

Communication with Parents + Child’s personal e-portfolio

● Secured parent app
● Child daily check in alerts
● Child’s personal e-portfolio
● Message board for parents

Communication with Parents | Town4kids Kindergarten System

No upfront payment + Affordable subscription rates

● No franchise fee
● No hidden cost
● Affordable annual subscription
● Gain more than what you pay

Affordable Subscription | Town4kids Kindergarten System

Benefits far exceed subscription cost

● Increase new student enrolment
● Reduce manpower cost
● Affordable annual subscription
● Expand revenue source by running multimedia enrichment programs for existing or new students

Benefits | Town4kids Kindergarten System

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