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For Principals/Supervisors

Upgrade your school to become a model center of learning excellence -- one that is fully equipped for blended learning in the classroom and integration of home-based learning for students

Increase school-parent collaboration through implementation of an effective school-wide reading program which will benefit every child in school and at home

Benefits | For Principals

For Teachers

Improve lesson delivery by providing fun and engaging lessons through blended learning activities which fully support the school curriculum

Save time in looking for high quality learning resources as all the materials that teachers need are practically at their fingertips in one easy-to-use multimedia library

Benefits | For Teachers

For Students

Overcome the fear of learning through game-based activities that are full of fun and surprises, both in school and at home

Learn independently with the eAcademy app at one's own pace and enjoy a unique learning experience through stories, music and play

Benefits | For Students

For Parents

Develop your child’s reading habit from young through a library of ebooks that come with a variety of topics and contents with attractive illustrations and interactive features

Know your child’s achievement in English with correlation to international standards such as CEFR or Cambridge English

Benefits | For Parents

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