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Designed as a complete program that supports early childhood education, the Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten curriculum encompasses both academic learning, as well as all-round development of preschool children. The highlights of the curriculum include:


STEAM education . STEAM教育
Theme-based learning . 趣味主题学习
Character and social emotional development . 品德教育与社交情感技能
Numeracy skills . 数学
Physical play + Music and movement . 体育活动 + 音律活动
Art and creative expression . 创意表达

Curriculum Emphasis | Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System

STEAM Education Approach

STEAM 教育方法

STEAM is an educational approach that infuses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Research has shown a positive relationship between early STEAM experiences and future success in school.

Science, Technology and Engineering have changed the way we live and opened up new possibilities for the future. Math is a central component in these subjects. Arts play an important role in cultivating creativity, creative expression, and communication abilities. Town4kids’ curriculum is designed with an emphasis in these areas to equip children with essential skills for the future.

STEAM 代表以科学、技术、工程、创意和数学为主的教育理念。儿童城双语课程设计基于这些领域,致力培养孩子的多项技能和开拓他们的知识领域,让他们自信地迎接未来的挑战。

STEAM Education | Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System

Theme-based Learning


The program introduces children to a wide variety of theme-based topics that range from learning about our body and our surroundings to exploring the world of animals and outerspace. Children acquire reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills through these topics and language use activities.


Theme-based Learning | Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System

Character and Social Emotional Development


The program includes a series of readers that contains short inspirational stories. Through these illustrated stories and animated videos, children learn about good character traits and develop their social emotional skills.


• Loving 爱 • Caring 关怀 • Sharing 分享 • Helpfulness 乐于助人 • Obedience 听话 • Kindness 善良 • Attentiveness 细心 • Independence 独立 • Friendliness 友善 • Honesty 诚实 • Thoughtfulness 体贴 • Determination 决心 • Respect 尊重 • Courage 勇敢 • Self-control 自我控制 • Fairness 公平 • Patience 耐心 • Confidence 自信心

Character and Social Emotional Development | Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System

Numeracy Skills


Children learn numeracy skills through fun and games, with the use of interactive multimedia.


• Number Concept: 1 to 50 数字概念 • Sorting 分类 • Grouping 分组 • Matching 配对 • Patterning 规律排序 • Sequencing 顺序的概念 • More / Less 多与少的慨念 • Association 对应关系 • Similarities 相同的概念 • Differences 不同的概念 • Concept of Twos 按群计数 • Addition and Subtraction 加与减的概念 • Measurement 测量

Numeracy Skills | Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System

Physical Play + Music and Movement

体育活动 + 音律活动

The program includes music and movement activities, and a physical play module that develop the gross and fine motor skills of young children. In addition, these activities help children enhance their self-confidence, while providing opportunities for social interaction and an environment to develop language skills.


Music and Movement | Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System

Art and Creative Expression


The art and creative expression curriculum includes coloring and hands-on art projects that are closely related to the themes for each level. It is fully supported by ready-to-use templates and digital resources, making it easy for teachers to implement the program.


Art and Creative Expression | Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System

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