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Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System is a program designed for children aged 2 to 6 years. The program covers the full spectrum of a kindergarten curriculum, including languages, science, numeracy, social emotional development, physical play and sports, music and movement, as well as art and creative expression.


Bilingual Curriculum


Based on proven bilingual teaching and learning approaches, the program is ideal for kindergartens that want to adopt a high quality and effective bilingual curriculum.


Emphasis on STEAM


With a strong emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), the curriculum is designed to give students an early advantage and a definite edge in these areas.

STEAM 代表以科学、技术、工程、创意和数学为主的教育理念。儿童城双语课程设计基于这些领域,致力培养孩子的多项技能和开拓他们的知识领域,让他们在这些领域占有明确的优势。

Blended Learning Approach


Town4kids Bilingual Kindergarten System is a modern curriculum using the Blended Learning Approach. Students engage in an integrated learning environment that includes interactive multimedia learning and app-based activities, combined with traditional teaching and worksheet exercises.


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A word from our users


"The curriculum is ready for use by teachers. Lessons are age appropriate and advocate active learning."

~ Nancy Teo (Principal 校长)

"I've seen remarkable growth in my son's language and mathematical skills due to the curriculum. He speaks well and is trying to grasp the idea of counting. He is also beginning to enjoy song and dance."

~ Loy Chia Yin (Parent 家长)

"The curriculum is very strong and well written and planned. The children benefit when teachers are able to carry out the activities recommended in the curriculum. The multimedia courseware is a plus point."

~ Kasthuri (Teacher 老师)

"I like to read the stories with moving pictures."

~ Vera Kuntola (6 years old 六岁)

"The music, sounds and visuals help in teaching. The children enjoy and interact with the program. They can remember the songs, lyrics and stories too."

~ Lam Foong Meng (Teacher 老师)

"I like the Math lessons the best because there are so many fun activities."

~ Ryuichi (5 years old 五岁)

"Children benefit from the program as they are exposed to various topics presented through interactive multimedia, with music, rhymes and common themes. It helps children to imagine and participate in class."

~ Sangeeta (Teacher 老师)

"I enjoy the games and songs. The activities are fun and we learn to sing well."

~ Reizo (5 years old 五岁)

"The children are very excited during multimedia lessons. The interactive activities help to capture their attention, and give opportunities to extend learning beyond the usual books and worksheets."

~ Yogi (Teacher 老师)

"The program is easy to implement and helpful to engage children's attention. The thematic topics help children to expand their vocabulary and gain new knowledge."

~ Rika Surya (Teacher 老师)

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